What the fuss is all about.

Margin is a dual weight (thus far) multi-language ready neo-humanist typeface family designed for maximum legibility and reading comfort in a digital environment. It's specifically well suited to novel length texts on ereading devices like Amazon’s Kindle™ and on mobile devices. The original impetus of the project was my love of ereaders—so easy, so portable!—with my disdain for the lack of quality typeface choices available designed to be used in conjunction with those devices. Plus, I wanted to try my hand at designing a workhorse typeface.

The theory, elevator pitch style:

Because one of the best ways to increase readability and legibility is to provide readers with glyphs that aren’t easily visually confused on a subconscious level, Margin’s characters are each unique outlines that share common elements to create a harmonious whole, with negative spaces that are uniquely shaped to facilitate reading.

Hat tip to Adrian Frutiger.

My methodology was inspired by Adrian Frutiger via design mentor Eric Fowles. Frutiger employed a systematic approach to type design, looking for subtle-yet-exact minor variations in contemporary type upon which to improve.

I'm a Designer and Art Director working in California.

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